Jonny Helgren

The Team

Jonny Helgren -
Production Designer and Prop Master

Jonny Helgren is a production designer, prop master and weapons master originally from Seattle, Washington.

He specializes in music videos, short files and commercials. As a production designer his world is about color theory and telling story through non-verbal means. A big portion of that is literally color and mood. You can tell a lot of characteristics about a character based on it’s colors. Color is the life blood of what the art department is about especially as a production designer.

When talking to a director in pre-production, he will initially meet with them and visually show them a color pallet of literally every color of the rainbow.
He then asks what colors grab their attention and start talking about color moods. He then begins the process of creation sets, props and other aspects of art director for the particular project including details of spaces and color of wardrobe

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