Joe Petrilla

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Joe Petrilla - 
Director and Branding Expert

Joe Petrilla is a writer, director and editor originally from Sewanee, Tennessee. His passion for acting led him to Chicago and then New York acting in various plays and films. He co-starred in the film “The House is Burning”, a debut at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival, playing opposite Oscar-winning actress Melissa Leo. His passion for acting eventually led him to filmmaking and content creation and a move to Los Angeles.

Some of his specialities are working with on-camera talent, actors, actresses, models, and non-performers who may not have that much experience being part of their own projects

Another one of his specialties is coming up with an interesting concept for a music video or a brand promo that perfectly captures the feeling that he and the client want the audience to walk away with.

He likes working on any project that tells a compelling story whether its about a brand, a song, or something completely fictional with a level of depth that matches the style. He enjoys working on projects from start to finish, from concept to final delivery. 

What drives him as a creative is expressing an idea or a feeling in the most powerful way possible. One unique quality that makes him stand out is that he edits most of his work himself so he’s always directing with the cut in mind. He knows very clearly how to get everything he needs during the shoot so that we he has enough to work with in post-production. 

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