Jesse Dvorak

The Team

Jesse Dvorak - 
Filmmaker & Creative Director

Originally from America’s heartland, he is a director, creative director and filmmaker. Some of his specialities are branded content, music videos, narrative shorts and films.

Some of the things he loves to work on is anything with life and personality. That can be something from branded content to promotional. Anything that has a strong visual or personality that is unique.

His approach to working with clients is first and foremost is to listen to what they want and bring his unique skill set and talents to the table. At the end of the day, his objective is to make sure the client is happy.

What he loves about directing is being able to take something that’s really an idea at the beginning on a paper and dissect it, find connections, different people and talent, and bring together and create something that was not in existence before. The whole process of creating and creativity is what drives him.

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