CML Productions is a full service ad agency specializing in Video, Photo, Web, Social Media and Marketing. Our in-house team of freelance creatives can produce any sort of multimedia content from A-Z from our state-of-the-art production facilities located in Los Angeles, CA. 

The goal of CML from day one, has been to be a one-stop shop for any production, the launch of a new brand or a product. From the writing, the casting, production from our facilities with green screen and white cyc capabilities, post-production and even down to launching a product with an event here at our facility.Our list of projects includes commercials, music videos, industrials, photo campaigns and much more. 

Who We Are

We are one central hub where clients can create their content under one roof. Instead of going to a casting office, a production studio, and a post house, we want to do everything under one roof to streamline the process, save money, and create the content and the product at a much quicker and faster pace under one streamlined process.

Our Team

Some of the industry professionals that are part of our team.
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