CML Productions shoots music video for Goodnight Darlings single Carousel


CML Productions shoots music video for Goodnight Darlings single "Carousel" 
June 28, 2017 - After months of bi-coastal production meetings, The Goodnight Darlings, landed in Los Angeles to shoot their music video for their new single "Carousel" produced by CML Productions.

The pop-rock husband and wife duo hailing from New York City has been described as "a modern day version of blondie" by the Record Journal. "Carousel" is a song about the day to day struggles of a couple in the music world. Balancing the day-to-day responsibilities of work, a relationship and a music career with the twists and turns of the carousel we call life.

The concept for the video consisted of 4 different sets and atmospheres inspired by the 4 seasons of the year (winter, spring, summer and fall). The sets were connected at the center on a rotating 16' platform that rotated as different scenes and actions occurred throughout the song.

The original concept for the video was conceptualized by famed production designer Ethan Tobman, who has designed videos for Beyonce's hits "Formation" and "Lemonade" as well as for the Oscar nominated film "Room".

The concept was further developed by director "Zane" who took Tobman's original idea and incorporated it into an 80's era pop-type video with a modern twist. The video is set to release sometime in this summer.

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