CML Productions produces commercial for new innovative fitness product


CML Productions produces commercial for new innovative fitness product
January 1, 2017 - A new innovative fitness product that allows you to literally work out anywhere, anytime is about to hit the market and CML Productions has been hired to produce the promotional commercial for it.

The "Click Clack" trainer is an invention by a French personal trainer who found himself frustrated at not being able to work out in places when he was traveling or at the gym in off hours. He came up with a device that utilizes suction cups and elastic bands and only requires a flat floor or glass surface to function.

The device allows anyone to simply place the two suction cups on the surface of the ground, a window or a mirror and using the elastic bands to exercise many parts of your body. The device is light, compact and very portable.

CML was hired to produce the entire project from A to Z. This included a casting call to cast the main host for the project as well as several fitness models that were part of the demonstration portion of the video.

Production took place in three locations including CML Studios, where the main host portion was shot on our 50' white cyc. Other locations included a penthouse loft in Hollywood where the device was shown being used in a home environment and a street cul-de-sac in Los Angeles where it was showcased on a luxurious sports car.

The project was completed from casting to post-production with just a short two-week time frame.

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