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Production and development of video and film content. We cover all aspects of production from pre-production and casting, to location scouting and crewing, to post production audio, editing and DVD authoring. We have a wide selection of video equipment and editing software and can professionally shoot, edit and distribute any project.
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Producer Carlos Leon announces
creation of CML Media Group
CML Studios Founder and Producer, Carlos M. Leon, is announcing the launch of the CML Media Group, his latest business and entertainment venture. The goal of the media group will be to unite creative forces from all backgrounds and influences to create a "conglomerate of talent" which will be able to produce any kind of production with a range of budgets. These productions will include Music Videos, Commercials, Industrials, Photo Campaigns, Short Films and Web Videos with budgets from just $500 to $50,000. "Companies and corporations looking to shoot a production will be able to submit everything from their budget outlines, production parameters, location requests and even the type of camera they want their project shot on and we will take care of every single aspect of production from A - Z", says Carlos Leon, the producer and entrepreneur behind the CML Media Group.

The Media Group is not only backed by an "in house" list of dozen talented directors, cinematographers, photographers, animators and motion graphics artists but also a rooster of hundreds of crew members, locations, props, models, actors, and production contacts. It also counts with it's own production studio, CML Studios in North Hollywood, a 1,500 square foot full Production Facilty with a 30' by 20' Green Screen, 18' by 18' white cyc wall, lounge area with ammenities and camera, lighting and grip equipment.

Entrepreneur, Studio Owner and Producer Carlos M. Leon was recently named one of America's Best Entrepreneur under 25 in the country by BusinessWeek magazine and called a "media mogul in the making". Starting his own production company when he was 20 years old and launching his studio at 23, he has worked with some of the biggest companies such as Warner Brothers, MTV, Sirius Radio, Discovery Channel and VH1 with clients such as "Hot Hot Heat", Benji Madden and the Smashing Pumpkins and clients from as far as Canada, the United Kingdom and Dubai.

Team Members

Kevin Tran
Music Video Director
Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, he has had a passion for various forms of art, mainly in film production. After taking a film course at a local community college, he began filming his own low budget music videos with more emphasis on the visuals rather than the storytelling. After realizing that he had a gift, Kevin began learning cinematography and editing. He believes that the artists should be heavily displayed in the videos due to the fact that viewers can correlate the music with the face of the artists. With this in mind, the music videos is more than just an art project, but a tool for artists to reach their target audience and coverage for label recognition.
Kevin Cao
Music Video Director

A native of Boston, Kevin began shooting and editing short movies when he was 16. He recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams in the city of Angels and just completed the latest music video for up-and-coming hip-hop/pop group "Tha Tooonz" for their single "Mirror on the Wall" shot on HD with the Micro 35 Film lens adapter.

Nick Amherin
Music Video Director

Nick has been working on various professional video and photography projects with both models and actors, providing them amazing imagery for portfolios and music videos. From commercial spots to music videos shot on location, his versatility and vision are perfect in showcasing a venue or artist. A midwestern boy, hegrew up in Toledo, OH but soon after highschool decided to take his talent to a bigger market.

Eddie Barreiro

An established independent editor, Eddie has been editing music videos and commercials for several years now mostly focusing on Green Screen compositing and location shoots. He has worked with companies as big as Paramount Pictures and has edited various music videos in different budget ranges.

Jun Tang
Commercial Director

Independent Commercial Director Jun Tang hails from the University of Wisconsin and has shot a variety of projects mostly focusing on larger budget spec comemercials for Penzoil, Arri, and Lego Inc. He recently shot a spec commercial at CML Studios that involved building the exterior of a barn from scratch as well as an "on location" commercial for the non-profit Alzheimer's foundation.

William Bradford
Commercial / Fashion Photographer

Graduating from Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida, this Baltimore native has been shooting for over 2 years and has worked on some of Hollywood's biggest photo projects for big budget films and television shows. His work has been featured on VH1, Flaunt Magazine and Surfer Magazine.

Carlos De La Vega
Motion Graphic Animator

Starting by editing various successful YouTube viral videos, Carlos de la Vega has worked on motion graphics for some major television companies including CMT and the Discovery Channel. He specializes in high-end intensive motion graphics, 3D Animation, and Green Screen Special Effects.

Other Productions
Client Productions
CML Studios serves as an ample, flexible location for any sort of production such as music videos, commercials, green screen shoots, instructional videos and much more. The following productions used many of our on-site equipment and amenities such as lights, green screen, grip gear, flats and cyc wall.
Trailer for Physiological Thriller "Caged" produced by IA Films.
Classless Commercial
Commercial shot by CML Studios for 'Classless Reunion Live".
Svoy Music Video
Animated Music Video for Alternative artist "Svoy."
I-Phone Spoof
A Comedic Spoof on the IPhone by comedian Eric Schwartz.
ISwest Promotional
Green Screen promotional video for internet company ISWest.
Xcedera Music Video
Music Video for duo Xcedera for the song "Get off Me."
Word in Motion Video
Christian Instructional Dance Video by "Word in Motion."
Randies Music Video
Music video for the rock group "The Randies".
Kami Music Video
Music Video for Persian artist Kevin Kami for "Alef Ba."
Holy Grit Cards
Humorous Animated Greeting Cards by Holy Grit Cards
Each production is the property of each individual entity.

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CML Studios is ideal for any video production or photography shoot including music videos, shorts films, commercials, casting calls, instruction videos, modeling sessions, corporate videos and commercial photography shoots.
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Inform us of the type of project you are looking to get produced and we will be more than happy to give you a quote over email within a few hours or immediately by calling (818) 255-1707.
Production Studio

CML Studios serves as an ample, flexible location for any sort of production such as music videos, commercials, green screen shoots, instructional videos and much more. The following productions used many of our on-site equipment and amenities such as lights, green screen, grip gear, flats and cyc wall.
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