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Web Site is your one-stop shop for talent marketing packages for actors, models, and filmmakers. We offer complete marketing packages to help you promote your talent. Our full packages include a personalized website, business cards, headshots and a video shot on green screen.

Show off your talent and what you've got to offer to potential clients, managers, casting directors, photographers, agents and directors without having to spend thousands of dollars and going to different companies, here at, we produce everything in our "one stop" shop studio in Hollywood. Don't get caught without business cards at the next networking event or without that website that might get you that big break in Hollywood, with, you can make it happen.

Our marketing packages include.
- Website: Get your very own name on the web with this personal website that shows off your talents and personality. This includes a biography page, your resume showing the work you have done, a contact form where you can be reached directly, a flash photo gallery, video clips of your recent work, a testimonials page and a Green Screen video talking about yourself.

- Photo Shoot - a professional and experienced photographer will shoot you in a variety of different shots and looks to be included in your website as well as headshots. In Hollywood, it's all about the "look' and our team of professionals will make you shine to your full potential.

-Business Cards - high-quality original business cards printed in glossy full color card stock with your photo and contact information, don't get caught without business cards at the next networking event!

-Green Screen Video - Let casting directors and agents see how you and your personality work on camera with a single click with this professionally shot video shot with an easy to use teleprompter from our green screen studio in Hollywood, just like the one you are seeing now!. Imagine getting casted for a role or called in for an audition just off your website and marketing package. Our teleprompter will help you to easily read a short minute long script about who you are ,right on camera without having to memorize a single line, you'll look like a natural!

Stop putting your dreams on hold and stop losing opportunities over a lack of a marketing presence, everything in Hollywood is marketing!. Navigate thru our website and order one of our packages, one of our representatives will contact you to schedule your shoot and get your marketing packages produced, it's that easy with, your one-stop shop for talent marketing packages.

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All Talent Folder packages include headshots.
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About us

CML Studios is ideal for any video production or photography shoot including music videos, shorts films, commercials, casting calls, instruction videos, modeling sessions, corporate videos and commercial photography shoots.
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Inform us of the type of project you are looking to get produced and we will be more than happy to give you a quote over email within a few hours or immediately by calling (818) 255-1707.
Production Studio

CML Studios serves as an ample, flexible location for any sort of production such as music videos, commercials, green screen shoots, instructional videos and much more. The following productions used many of our on-site equipment and amenities such as lights, green screen, grip gear, flats and cyc wall.
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