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Gentevision is an online spanish channel with a variety of original content with latin rhythm, soul and flavor. This includes concerts, interviews with celebrities, reports from news events, sports matches, music videos and short films. This new vision for the people of Latin America and all spanish speakers is meant to unite all in a world wide digital platform on It was officially launched the summer of 2006 from Universal City Walk's "Rumba Room" night club in Hollywood, CA.

Using the latest technology in the delivery of online video content, Gentevision broadcasts all sorts of content meant to inform, entertain and promote the diverse and rich culture, traditions and heritage of Hispanics.

Our programming is a combination of entertainment, variety, comedy, sports, news and culture. Our online virtual tools allows the viewer to interact and give their opinions on various topics and content in a visual world that combines modern technology and traditional content.

Gentevision was has covered some of the biggest events in the country including the Oscars in Los Angeles and the Latin Billboards in Miami, Florida. It has interviewed countless A-list celebrities from coast to coast and served as an official media sponsor of the 2009 Latin Billboard Awards in Miami, Florida. It counts with the backing of a full marketing and web company as well as it's own production studio in North Hollywood, CA.

Promotional Video
Promotional and Marketing Video about Gentevision, the the Online Spanish Channel in Los Angeles, CA.
Red Carpet Launch
Official Launch of Gentevision at Universal Studios Citywalk nightclub "Rumba Room" in 2007.
Billboards 2009 Party
Billboards Red Carpet celebration co-sponsorted by Gentevision in Miami, Fl Spring of 2009.
Various photos our some of Gentevision's events, hosts, programs, celebrity interviews and much more.

Web Site
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