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CML Productions is a full service multimedia production company based in Los Angeles, California offering film and video production, web design, graphic design, marketing, photography, animation, music production and other production services. CML Productions was launched in the summer of 1998 as a means to provide integrated multimedia solutions for a variety of outlets including the web, television, print, and radio for corporations, entrepreneurs, organizations and artists.

We currently have clients all over the United States including in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Houston, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Orlando, Little Rock, Oklahoma City and many others. Our clients and projects are as wide ranging as the number of services we offer.

We have designed the online presence for companies such as "Hubbard Iron Doors", a multi-million dollar corporation with offices in 8 cities across the United States. CML Productions offers a "one stop shopping" solution for companies, individuals and artists who are in need of the development of multi-faceted and integrated multimedia projects.

We can develop the entire visual presense of a company, band, organization or product including it's logo, website, business cards, brochures, cd covers, promotional material, television commercial, music video and other elements within the same package. This allows for an integrated workflow that keeps costs at a adequate level, improves productivity and encourages creativity.

Our team of expert creative designers and innovators can elaborate, produce and market any sort of multimedia project. Our clients all over the United States, from Los Angeles, California to Miami, Florida trust our professionalism, level of creativity and our commitment to excellent customer support. Our services are broken into the following 8 departments.

Video Production
This department is responsible for the production and development of video and film content. This includes all aspects of a video/film production including pre-production, production and post production editing and DVD-authoring. We produce special event videography for weddings, festivals and other events and produce short films, documentaries, music videos, commercials, promotional videos, corporate videos and online visual material.
Web Design
This department is responsible for the development of complete interactive websites and online applications. Our web services include design, domain names, hosting, flash animation, search engine optimization, streaming audio and video, Ebay sales,
e-commerce, web marketing and programming (php, asp, etc.).
Graphic Design
This department is responsible for the design and printing of visual content. This includes business cards, brochures, pamphlets, catalogs, banners, movie posters, flyers, logos, packaging, apparel design and much more.
This department offers a wide array of photography services such as event photography, black and white photography, abstract photography, sports photography, commercial photography, photojournalism, marketing campaigns, glamour shots and much more.
Marketing / SEO
This department is responsible for integrating all of the above mediums to develop attractive eye-catching marketing and promotional campaigns for the internet, radio, print, and television. With an integrated use of the web, graphic content, and audio/visual mediums we can promote and market any item, event, company or service.
Music Production
This department develops and promotes musical talent by integrating and using all forms of visual mediums for promotional and marketing purposes. Our packages will develop the visual and audio presence of new and upcoming artists. This includes the production of album covers, music videos, marketing campaigns, websites and merchandise.
Animation and 3-D
This department develops and produces animation and 3-D based visual content such as Flash web movies, animated characters and logos, 3-D text for print media, motion graphics for television, effects for video and film, video games and much more.
CML Productions has a full video production studio that allows independent filmmakers to develop and shoot productions in a centralized and controlled environment without having to pay for very expensive soundstage and gear rental rates. Our studio packages allow independent filmmakers and producers to build production sets and rent on-site gear for any sort of production.

Web Site
About us

CML Studios is ideal for any video production or photography shoot including music videos, shorts films, commercials, casting calls, instruction videos, modeling sessions, corporate videos and commercial photography shoots.
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Inform us of the type of project you are looking to get produced and we will be more than happy to give you a quote over email within a few hours or immediately by calling (818) 255-1707.
Production Studio

CML Studios serves as an ample, flexible location for any sort of production such as music videos, commercials, green screen shoots, instructional videos and much more. The following productions used many of our on-site equipment and amenities such as lights, green screen, grip gear, flats and cyc wall.
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