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The CML Media and Entertainment Group and its founder Carlos M. Leon are entering the world of music with the creation of CML Music, the new record label division of the company. The label was first announced this past summer at the anniversary red carpet party of CML Studios, the production facility of the company, with DJ Big Syphe of Power 106 FM, one of the top radio stations in the country.

"The goal of CML Music is to use all of our resources as a company and bring a team with a wealth of experience in the industry to nurture, produce and promote the best talent Los Angeles has to offer", says CML Music CEO Carlos Leon. The label counts with the backing of CML Productions, a full service multimedia and marketing company and CML Studios, a full production facility in North Hollywood, CA. The company has years of experience in all aspects of the industry from online marketing and video production to organizing red carpet events and promotional parties. It also has a media group of dozens of talented music producers, directors and editors on it's roster. CML Music, the record label division of the CML Media and Entertainment Group is announcing it's executive team. The team of four young dynamic individuals includes an entrepreneur, manager and two music producers. The goal of the label is to promote, produce and manage artists in preparation to have them signed to a distribution deal by a larger label.

The music label conducted a talent search that brought together dozens of musicians, singers and composers to try out to be a part of the label. As a result two artists, Kenya and Vice, were signed to CML Music. For the past several months CML Music has been developing these artists thru performaces, photo and video shoots, songwriting sessions and much more. It conducted a sucessful red carpet promotional event at hollywood hotspot AREA where the label introduced themselves and their artists to the Hollywood community.

A young dynamic singer with a sweet yet powerful voice that sings everything from pop to country.
An edgy and modern R&B performer with a soulful voice and an urban, youthful appeal.
Talent Search
CML Music kicked off it's official launch by conducting a statewide talent search to choose it's first artists.
Red Carpet Event
CML Music threw a sucessfull red carpet bash to promote the label and it's artists at Hollywood hotspot Area.
Flyers and Marketing from some of our events.
Photos from some of our events and shows.

Web Site
About us

CML Studios is ideal for any video production or photography shoot including music videos, shorts films, commercials, casting calls, instruction videos, modeling sessions, corporate videos and commercial photography shoots.
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Inform us of the type of project you are looking to get produced and we will be more than happy to give you a quote over email within a few hours or immediately by calling (818) 255-1707.
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CML Studios serves as an ample, flexible location for any sort of production such as music videos, commercials, green screen shoots, instructional videos and much more. The following productions used many of our on-site equipment and amenities such as lights, green screen, grip gear, flats and cyc wall.
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